Playthings is a VR music playground set on an island filled with cheeseburger drums and other junk-food instruments that you can really play with your own two hands.

Walk through a glassy ripple in spacetime, and you might find yourself on the surface of a two-story irridescent barbeque grill. Turn your whole room into a rhythm game where you fend off a musical onslaught of candy. Use the Golden Tongs to rearrange the world around you and make any instrument you can imagine.

By George Michael Brower ·

Who did this?

Yours truly, George Michael Brower. My old friends Jon and Pete did sound design too.

I live and work in Brooklyn and I have a studio called Always & Forever Computer Entertainment. Before that I worked for Google's Creative Lab. I spend my days making pictures and sounds and programs, which I then combine to create *~ Interactive Art. ~*

When can I play?

I'm actively developing Playthings, but I don't have any immediate plans for release. For now, I'll keep interested parties updated when it shows up in the wild. Playthings has already appeared at some events around New York City, and I'm hoping to do a lot more of this—it's been a great way to get it in front of lots of people before everyone has their own VR equipment :)

What's next?

I have way more ideas for this project than I have time to execute them, and this little video barely scratches the surface. I want to see entirely new worlds with different themes and sound palettes, the ability to save and modify your own instruments, a billion more rhythm games… hold up actually, brb.